I have always enjoyed being part of the very early stages of a new project. And I love Strategy. So if you can get me involved in your project as early as possible the results will likely be better.

One of my fortés is creative concept development. This has traditionally been for advertising and marketing campaigns, but I've also been used for product and service development brainstorming as well as simply being someone with an outside perspective, with a creative bent.

I am a trained copywriter and love making connections with people through the written word. I can write in many styles but my most natural style is a blend of conversational and sales.

I am happy working with other teams and have worked as a Creative Director, managing creative departments for most of my career. I have always been a hands-on Creative Director, which has usually meant longer hours, but that's the price you pay for chasing excellence and doing what you love.

I've included Change Management as a string to my bow as I have had a few assignments whereby I have been hired to shake things up or calm things down. Feel the love people. Chuckle. Two of these projects were during agency mergers, where very different cultures clashed.

If you've got a project you think might be suitable, get in touch.


"I have no hesitation recommending Will Roffé to prospective clients. He has proven skills in project management, financial management, negotiation skills and creative work that have exceeded our expectations." TELECOM NEW ZEALAND MANAGER MOBILE

"Will's creative concepts and knowledge exceeded our expectations. My previous experience of dealing with the advertising industry was one of a sometimes-stuffy group with irrelevant and over-the-top ideas. It is a pleasure working with someone fresh, interesting and level headed, who knows what a client needs." NZ POLICE MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS

"The quality of Will's work has always exceeded expectations and his outgoing personality and promptness has ensured that all my dealings with him have been a pleasure." IAMS PET FOOD MARKETING MANAGER

"Will's professionalism and zest to create the 'right stuff' has been a tremendous contribution to the development of our business. Communication and correspondence is excellent and Will's commitment to his work is unsurpassed. It is a pleasure to recommend Will Roffé." PAGE EUROPEAN MANAGING DIRECTOR

"What attracted us to Will was his experience, his ability to craft copy and his fantastic passion for the industry. During the time he was with us he played a major role in our ongoing development as an agency. Will has an infectious laugh and unlimited energy, and as a result his relationship with the other members of the agency was for the most part very positive. I enjoyed working with Will, he is an interesting, caring and genuinely nice guy. I wish him great success in the future." AD AGENCY MANAGING DIRECTOR

"Will's enthusiastic, yet professional approach makes light work of a big job load. In addition to his formidable writing talent, Will brings a range of skills to bear on every assignment. He has run his own agency. He has also completed stints in major international shops.  He can work fast and is sensitive to other personnel within the agency. Will created some great work across all our clients, and his efforts were recognised and appreciated by all he worked with." AD AGENCY EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR