Hi, I'm Will.

Will pic

I live in Wellington City, New Zealand, and can travel when necessary (it'll cost you more though).

I have over 25-years experience in copywriting, creative direction, business development, brand strategy, and creative concept development.

I have spent much of my copywriting and creative career to date in Wellington, and have also worked in Auckland, Hamilton, Sydney and Melbourne... as well as remotely for other agencies around the globe.

I have a passion for art, fine food, european performance vehicles and the sea. But I won't swim in the sea thanks to a (Mako) shark attack when I was seven, and another very up close and personal experience in deep water with a Great White shark, the very next time I was in the ocean, 11-years later. I figure these things come in threes, or someone is trying to tell me something... like the ocean is not my friend. So I haven't ventured back into the vast, wet wild since then.

I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He's an awesome, loving and loyal family pet. I recommend this breed if you are considering adding to your family. And they expect to be treated like family.

I'm big on integrity and honesty. I like to work with nice, passionate and intelligent people who give a damn about their work, otherwise why bother?